Hollywood Cemetery is eligible to accept individual donations, as well as gifts from company-matching gift programs. When you donate to Friends of Hollywood Cemetery, your tax-deductible donation will go towards preservation and restoration projects in the cemetery. Your generous support will ensure that countless visitors can continue to enjoy the stories, services and beauty of Hollywood Cemetery throughout the years to come.


Time has taken its toll on many of the historic monuments, decorative ironwork, and natural landscape at Hollywood Cemetery. Descendants of many families are no longer around to care for their family monuments. Preserving these works of art is paramount to the history of Richmond. Your support helps the cemetery continue these preservation efforts.


The stories of Hollywood are what make the cemetery such a special place. Through extensive genealogy research and preservation, Friends of Hollywood Cemetery continues to maintain and update our digital database with the burial records of each resident of Hollywood Cemetery.


As a national treasure, Hollywood Cemetery believes it is important to make its rich history available to visitors both near and far. Through the use of virtual tours and digital storytelling platforms, Hollyood continues to maintain and update its digitization program so people all around the world can experience the stories of Hollywood Cemetery.